Community Managers Unconference

8th April, 2017
Koramangala, Bengaluru

This world is made up of countless communities and all humans are part of one or another. So, if there is a community then there will be a community leader too. These community leaders are the real superheroes who understand the pain of their people and work towards solving it. They blend their skills effectively to deliver updates to the community and even collect the feedback for the growth of the product. On one hand, they are the voice of a brand and on another, they work as a crisis manager by effectively solving the communities issues. Their work is beyond social media and it never ends in just 9-5 routine because the community never sleeps and neither their problems. Since the community building has become the new black, there was a strong need to have an active community of these superheroes. So here we have, Community Folks- a society of Community Managers who are passionate towards building a community and growing a brand.