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About Experiential Mudhouse

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Any weekend.


Experience an eco-friendly retreat in an earthy architecture close to nature.Try out a rejuvenating body massage in the retreat space.You are more than welcome to bring your own liquor to be enjoyed in this nature retreat. There's Bullock Cart ride that we offer to see the places around.Experience an eco-friendly retreat in an earthy architecture close to nature. Aura Kalari makes you go back to your roots to relax and rejuvenate. The cottage is made entirely of pure mud mixed in jaggery water and cut straws with an adjoining front garden full of wayside flowers and pumpkins.

Pricing Includes

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, 3 nights stay,

Pricing Excludes

Internet access and air-conditioning are not available. Alcohol isn't provided

Cancellation Policy

Once a payment is made ELT does not offer any Refund. However, some of our hosts do refund in some cases. So, for any refunds, you would need to contact the host directly. Elt doesn't offer any refund for this property on booking confirmation